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Maurten Solid 160 Box


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This is a Solid 160 Mix Box — 6x Solid 160, 6x Solid C 160. Maurten Solid 160 is a two-piece, oat- and rice-based chewable fuel. 40 grams of carbohydrates split into equal 20-gram servings for optimized fueling. Both options of the fast, light, low-fiber, and carbohydrate-rich go-to Solid 160 fuel in one box.

Solid is Maurten’s bar — a go-to fuel source that’s designed for the in-between moments. On the way to the pool, the track, the race, the trail-side rest, or when heading home from training. Fueling made easy. 

There are two options in the Mix Box — Solid 160 and Solid C 160 (with cocoa). Cocoa acts as a flavour reset. A variation to break up endurance fueling.

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    Dimensions 15 × 10 × 6 in